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The First Featured Article

The First Featured Article

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Sunday, January 10, 2010


1/10/2010 02:35:00 PM

More pictures of people in their underwear on BART and Muni in San Francisco

@Moniguzman took this picture of these participants of the 2010 No Pants Sunday.

Here are some No Pants peeps leaving the Barcelona Metro.

And here are the no pants pictures of New Yorkers preparing for a subway ride in their underwear.

(via @SoHood718 in NYC)
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

(via @islandwoo at Union Square in NYC)

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

(via @jelisanicole in NYC)
Chanting "no more pants"...ha ha ha! on Twitpic

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1/10/2010 02:18:00 PM

Here are the photos of today's "No Pants Sunday." The event was organized by Improv Everywhere.

Pantless party on the BART!!  Awesome. on Twitpic
(via @craigmd)

More pictures and videos from the New York City Subway, Barcelona Metro, and Seattle.

The pantless people could be seen walking on Market Street, gathering at Union Square and getting on BART stations in the Mission, Oakland and the Peninsula. It seems that the event took some people on Twitter by suprise:

  1. killa4nialady
    Killa4nialady Why's there hella people on bart with no pants on? Did I miss somethn?
  2. jessleas
    jessleas Can someone explain to me why there is a large number of people in their underwear at the Mission/24th st BART station?
  3. clarizeyale
    clarizeyale Uh.... There are people at the bart station in their underwear....... Am i missing something?
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On a BART train (via chriskjennings)

(Via @wuzupg)
SF is really a crazy place. Heading to see Avatar IMAX 3D & B... on Twitpic

(via @des1gnerman)
Lots of people marching in their underwear in downtown S.F. on Twitpic

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Saturday, January 9, 2010


1/09/2010 06:42:00 PM

Watch as these hikers react as the earthquake is happening. They were hiking at Bull Creek near the Humboldts Redwood State Park. A 6.5 earthquake was reported Saturday 27 miles west of Ferndale California, near Eureka.

We've also added this woman's reaction after the quake.

Listen to these guys react. Don't watch if you are easily offended by the f word.

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1/09/2010 05:48:00 PM

We are now seeing the damage from Saturday's earthquake that struck off the coast of Eureka. Thanks for @amyeureka who took these photos of a book store call Booklegger. A magnitude 6.5 earthquake was reported 27 miles west of Ferndale, Humboldt Coundy - near the Eureka/Arcata area.


Booklegger seems to have worst broken glass on Twitpic

Oh, hell. on Twitpic

The bookcases that were not bolted to the wall came down at t... on Twitpic

Inside #Ferndale antique store after 6.5 #earthquake this aft... on Twitpic

Inside a Ferndale antique store via @FrndEnterprise

Valley Grocery, Main Street. #ferndale #earthquake (Enterpris... on Twitpic

Valley Grocery store in Ferndale via @FrndEnterprise

Brown and Main, #Ferndale. #earthquake (Enterprise staff photo) on Twitpic

Via @FrndEnterprise

Itsy Bitsy Quilt Shop, #Ferndale. #earthquake (Enterprise sta... on Twitpic

Itsy Bitsy Quilt Shop via @frndenterprise

Owner Dale Stemwedel sweeps at Lentz Dept. Store. #Ferndale #... on Twitpic

Owner Dale Stemwedel sweeps at Lentz Dept. Store. #Ferndale #earthquake (Enterprise staff photo)

These from @greggferndale

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

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1/09/2010 04:47:00 PM

USGS reports an earthquake with peliminary magnitude of 6.5 off the coast of Eureka. The quake happened at 4:27pm. Tweeters are reporting that power was knocked out for some in the Eureka/Arcata Area. PG&E reported that as many as 25,000 customers were without power.


Update: Several aftershocks with the largest being a magnitude 4.5 that hit at 6:21pm.

Oh, hell. on Twitpic
from @amyeureka

We are hearing from scanner reports from Humboldt County of power lines down, large boulders in the roadway. You can hear the Humboldt County emergency scanner here.

  1. Alonis
    Alonis Humboldt County Quake: Phone lines and Cell Towers still in service will be overwhelmed this a very rural area. via @CalFireNews
  2. Alonis
    Alonis Scanner: Possible water main break. Engine in route. #humcoearthquake #Ferndal #HumboldtCounty
  3. Alonis
    Alonis Eureka Scanner: At least 1 building reporting partial collapse with 1 foot offset displacement. #HumCoEQ via @CalFireNews
  4. Alonis
    Alonis RT @CNNValencia: PG&E Jeff Smith spokesman: We’ve got about 25,000 customers without power, most happened around earthquake #HumCoEQ
  5. Cal Fire News
    CalFireNews #HumCoEQ PG&E outage map -> http://www.pge.com/mybusiness/customerservice/energystatus/ Approx, 25,000 customers
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  1. tomprete
    tomprete Power lines reported by emergency responders on at least one roadway #HumCoEQ
  2. tomprete
    tomprete Poss gas leak reported in Ferndale, acc to emerg radio. #HumCoEQ
  3. tomprete
    tomprete Uplifted roadway reported near Humboldt Bay jetty, near 101. Didn't say N or S jetty, but I think would have to be south jetty. #HumCoEQ
  4. tomprete
    tomprete Reports of damage to brick structures in Old Town district of Eureka. #HUmCoEQ
  5. tomprete
    tomprete Structure displace by a foot reported. #HmCoEQ
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A friend tells us that the quake broke a window at her house near Eureka. A friend to an @ActionNewsSF staffer says she was knocked off her Nordictrak at the time of the quake.

Check out some of the latest tweets from the area regarding the Earthquake.

  1. Twumboldt
    Twumboldt lost in Humboldt earthquake: a small TV and my favorite bobblehead is laying on the floor...
  2. Jennifer Baker
    JenBaker707 The sprinklers went off at Kohls and the mall is damaged. #earthquake
  3. Jennifer Baker
    JenBaker707 Officially the mall is trashed and probably closed for a week for clean up. #earthquake
  4. Pastor
    PastorFUMC Just went through the earthquake. All's well in parsonage and at church. Calls out to congregation turn up fear and some breakage, but ok!
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  1. Jennifer Baker
    JenBaker707 incredible earthquake in Humboldt
  2. David Collinge
    _fiddlesticks_ WOW. That was interesting; we just had an earthquake. Knocked a few things off shelves, scared the cat to death, but otherwise all OK.
  3. Twumboldt
    Twumboldt RT @oldgloryradio Re earthquake, unable to stand, rocked houses 15-30 seconds. Cars bouncing. Foundations cracking. Some phone service
  4. Earnest Dodge
    Gracehoper23 Woo all the stuff in the house just got thrown around from that earthquake.
  5. Twumboldt
    Twumboldt lots of sirens in Eureka, CA via 6.5 Earthquake
  6. Mike Dronkers
    MikeDronkers That was a bigass earthquake.
  7. Twumboldt
    Twumboldt RT @TheeAlchemist South G power is out. Office and warehouse did fine in the 6.5 earthquake. Glad there's not a big mess to clean!
  8. J. Martin
    J_R_Martin Earthquake here. About 6.5 lots of broken glass no electricity. We're ok though. Just shook up.
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Friday, January 8, 2010


1/08/2010 03:35:00 PM

When I found out about Sunday's Doyle Drive ramp closure that will continue until 2013 - I thought "oh big deal." But then a good friend of mine sat me down and said, "Action, how am I supposed to get from my home in the Marina to my boyfriend's in the Sunset?"

On Sunday - the Northbound Doyle Dr on ramp to Southbound 19th/Park Presidio will be closed until 2013. So if you are going from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marina/Downtown or SFO or the other way around, you have nothing to worry about. Marin to SFO/Sunset/Richmond drivers should be aware of the Southbound Doyle to Southbound Park Presidio closure that will occur only on Sunday night (weather permitting) from 11pm-5am.

So we brainstormed for a detour and here's what we came up with:

Take NB Doyle and get off at the parking lot next to the toll plaza. Take a right at the stop sign then right again at Lincoln Blvd. Take southbound Lincoln Blvd to 25th Ave. Take a left on 25th. Take 25th until it merges with Crossover Dr in Golden Gate Park. And Voila! Look at my art.

If you have a better route, let us know by leaving a comment or @'ing us. Remember, you can't make a left turn from Geary to Park Presidio.

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1/08/2010 02:56:00 PM

Beginning at 8pm this evening (Friday 1/8) until Monday at 4am, the L-Taraval Line will be without light rail service between West Portal and the Zoo for construction. Muni Bus shuttles will be in place instead. The track work will take place at Taraval & 19th and also at Taraval & Sunset.

If you have any suggestions for a better route to take around this mess, leave it in the comments or @ us on Twitter.

ALSO IF you are driving this weekend, avoid 19th Ave and Sunset Blvd. According to the world's longest press release - SFPD will start off by closing Southbound 19th Ave and Northbound Sunset Blvd at 7pm this evening. After reading that press release, we kinda get the feeling that these closures may change during the weekend. Basically, when one direction of 19th is closed, the opposite direction of Sunset will be closed. Taraval will also be shutdown at the intersections with 19th and Sunset.

This work will continue next weekend and the one after that.

If you are in the area, please let us know how Traffic is by @'ing us on Twitter.

Now look what @cielogold made: Fast Pass Muni magnets made from recycled Fast Passes and bottle caps.

Fast Pass Muni magnets made from recycled Fast Passes and bot... on Twitpic

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