Saturday, January 9, 2010

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1/09/2010 04:47:00 PM

USGS reports an earthquake with peliminary magnitude of 6.5 off the coast of Eureka. The quake happened at 4:27pm. Tweeters are reporting that power was knocked out for some in the Eureka/Arcata Area. PG&E reported that as many as 25,000 customers were without power.


Update: Several aftershocks with the largest being a magnitude 4.5 that hit at 6:21pm.

Oh, hell. on Twitpic
from @amyeureka

We are hearing from scanner reports from Humboldt County of power lines down, large boulders in the roadway. You can hear the Humboldt County emergency scanner here.

  1. Alonis
    Alonis Humboldt County Quake: Phone lines and Cell Towers still in service will be overwhelmed this a very rural area. via @CalFireNews
  2. Alonis
    Alonis Scanner: Possible water main break. Engine in route. #humcoearthquake #Ferndal #HumboldtCounty
  3. Alonis
    Alonis Eureka Scanner: At least 1 building reporting partial collapse with 1 foot offset displacement. #HumCoEQ via @CalFireNews
  4. Alonis
    Alonis RT @CNNValencia: PG&E Jeff Smith spokesman: We’ve got about 25,000 customers without power, most happened around earthquake #HumCoEQ
  5. Cal Fire News
    CalFireNews #HumCoEQ PG&E outage map -> Approx, 25,000 customers
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  1. tomprete
    tomprete Power lines reported by emergency responders on at least one roadway #HumCoEQ
  2. tomprete
    tomprete Poss gas leak reported in Ferndale, acc to emerg radio. #HumCoEQ
  3. tomprete
    tomprete Uplifted roadway reported near Humboldt Bay jetty, near 101. Didn't say N or S jetty, but I think would have to be south jetty. #HumCoEQ
  4. tomprete
    tomprete Reports of damage to brick structures in Old Town district of Eureka. #HUmCoEQ
  5. tomprete
    tomprete Structure displace by a foot reported. #HmCoEQ
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A friend tells us that the quake broke a window at her house near Eureka. A friend to an @ActionNewsSF staffer says she was knocked off her Nordictrak at the time of the quake.

Check out some of the latest tweets from the area regarding the Earthquake.

  1. Twumboldt
    Twumboldt lost in Humboldt earthquake: a small TV and my favorite bobblehead is laying on the floor...
  2. Jennifer Baker
    JenBaker707 The sprinklers went off at Kohls and the mall is damaged. #earthquake
  3. Jennifer Baker
    JenBaker707 Officially the mall is trashed and probably closed for a week for clean up. #earthquake
  4. Pastor
    PastorFUMC Just went through the earthquake. All's well in parsonage and at church. Calls out to congregation turn up fear and some breakage, but ok!
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  1. Jennifer Baker
    JenBaker707 incredible earthquake in Humboldt
  2. David Collinge
    _fiddlesticks_ WOW. That was interesting; we just had an earthquake. Knocked a few things off shelves, scared the cat to death, but otherwise all OK.
  3. Twumboldt
    Twumboldt RT @oldgloryradio Re earthquake, unable to stand, rocked houses 15-30 seconds. Cars bouncing. Foundations cracking. Some phone service
  4. Earnest Dodge
    Gracehoper23 Woo all the stuff in the house just got thrown around from that earthquake.
  5. Twumboldt
    Twumboldt lots of sirens in Eureka, CA via 6.5 Earthquake
  6. Mike Dronkers
    MikeDronkers That was a bigass earthquake.
  7. Twumboldt
    Twumboldt RT @TheeAlchemist South G power is out. Office and warehouse did fine in the 6.5 earthquake. Glad there's not a big mess to clean!
  8. J. Martin
    J_R_Martin Earthquake here. About 6.5 lots of broken glass no electricity. We're ok though. Just shook up.
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